Land of the Free, Home of the…Oppressed?

It seems like everything we hear about the 2016 presidential campaign is totally negative. Turn on any network news channel and you hear two names, how much support they have, and where they sit in the polls. However, interestingly enough, talk to nearly any person on the street and you will find severe distaste towards the traditional nominees. It is as if your vote only matters if you vote democrat or republican. This, in turn, has caused a third group of people to become even more frustrated. This third group of people believe that your vote still matters, they still believe in democracy.

This post is a departure from my usual content, typically filled with cars, irreverence, and whatever wild blog-schemes I think are hilarious. In fact, I believe so strongly in this post, that it has motivated me to actually update my website. This is not a post endorsing any particular candidate, although a quick visit to my Twitter page will give up that poorly protected secret. This post exists simply to plea to you that you don’t have to choose between two evils! That if enough people believed that their voice could be hear, that it actually could!

I’m obviously talking about voting for a third party. I’m not so obviously inferring that the very term, “third party,” reveals the ignorance that surrounds our country’s political scene. When someone mentions a third party, they are immediately discredited. No one believes that anyone outside of the establishment has the ability to do anything. 2016 can be a turning point, or it can just be another step into the dark path that we have been headed down for so long.

The fact that many believe the majority of populace of the United States of America, the melting pot of the world, can be grouped into just two parties is simply insane. It’s even more insane than the guy who thought the Pontiac Aztec would be a good idea. More insane still than the person who thought Orange Crush flavored Pop Tarts were something that people actually wanted to eat.

Are we that simple minded?

The most beautiful thing about the USA, the one fact that makes the rest of the world envy us, is that you can come here and be whomever you want. This is a country where you can build a name for yourself with hard work!It’s a place where people flocked because they had opportunities to be themselves, and a departure from the repression and tyranny they were used to their whole lives. Can a country built by the hands of many really be well represented by two, extremely outdated and corrupt organizations?

Absolutely not, but how did we fall into this rut? Why do we tell people that when they vote for a non-establishment candidate, they are just throwing away their vote?  Why don’t they see that voting against your own beliefs is the only actual way to throw away your vote.

What we need are political parties that each one of us can endorse. If you feel one way, there’s a great chance someone else does too! Find them, befriend them, join them! Only once we believe in ourselves, can we believe that together we can make an actual difference.

Imagine a 2016 election, where instead of two terrible candidates getting all of the spotlight, there are five or six candidates, one of which you might actually want to vote for! Imagine not having people disregard your opinion because you aren’t a democrat, or a republican. Imagine watching debates where real, valid candidates could discuss issues without all of the nonsense and petty arguments. It could happen, but we have to be willing to make our voices heard.

There are so many questions I wish I could answer, if only to understand how we got to the point, where people in the greatest democracy in the world are brainwashed into thinking we don’t really have a say. If you really, truly, believe in what Donald Trump, or what Hilary Clinton stand for, I don’t want you to think that is wrong. But maybe you don’t, maybe…JUST MAYBE, you want your own voice to be heard. Come November, don’t be afraid to check one of the other boxes on the ballot. You might just help change the world.



Yes, that is an actual Abraham Lincoln quote. Look it up. 




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