My car has ruined my life.

Ahh, I am finally doing what all good marketing, advertising, and PR professionals have been doing for years, starting a personal website/blog. I will be periodically updating this site to provide insight into marketing, the automotive industry, and whatever other interesting things happen to consume my time.

I thought I would start my first post with something that has been troubling me. If you knew me at all over the last three years you’ve probably heard about my prized possession, my mint 1998 VW Beetle.


For three years I have loved this car, as quirky, as slow, and as impractical as it may be. As of recently though my new job and the fact that I have more than $83 in my bank account have handed me the opportunity to purchase a new(er) car. Great news, right!?


I have ruined my life by owning an interesting car.

Let me refresh your memory in case you haven’t been car shopping in awhile. A normal person drives into a car dealership in their tan Chevrolet Impala. They go to the salesperson and say “hello, I need a new car. I just want navigation, a sunroof, and four doors.” The sales person then says, “great news, I have just the car.” They would show them basically any new cookie-cutter sedan (cough cough Toyota Camry cough cough), they would love it and drive off happily for the next 3-5 years.

That however, is not how it works for a person who drives an interesting car. When I car shop, I think about my options. I determine that nothing I see is fun enough, or unique enough to replace the car that I love. Then someone likes me either ends up not buying anything, or they buy something like a Mazda Miata, a Porsche 944, or a some old Volvo station wagon that some rapscallion swapped a supercharged LS1 into between taking lines of cocaine.

You see, people like me, people who have owned interesting cars think differently than our friend who traded in their tan Impala. People like me think that they could buy one new, practical sedan…or they could buy three used Mazda Miatas. People like me don’t think of cars as a means of transportation, but an opportunity to enjoy the time you spend between points A and B.

I’ve ruined my life, owning a retro-styled, slow, Mexican-built, manual European hatchback. But at the same time, I’ve made my life substantially better. I’m not insane though, I know that most people should not buy a 25 year old Japanese sports car. Luckily, car makers like Ford understand this concept and they have been building us interesting cars that you could buy brand new tomorrow! (hint hint, I work at a car dealership!)

So instead of buying that Toyota Camry, come see me. I’ll show you a Ford Focus ST, a turbocharged Mustang, or a 365 hp station wagon. You’ll be thanking me everyday when your commute involves wild burnouts and huge smiles.


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